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Mortgage Calculator 2016 - FREE & Easy Calculator Tool

Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator provides a variety of free calculators to assist you in researching, planning and obtaining a mortgage as well as learning more about your existing mortgage. By using our free mortgage calculator you can calculate your monthly mortgage payments, interest rates, pay-off dates and amortization schedule, in addition to a number of other variables about mortgages such as finding the best rates. All of our payment calculators are designed to make it easier for you to understand mortgages and help you make important decisions about your finances. We know that mortgages can be confusing and intimidating, which is why we have developed a comprehensive range of free mortgage calculator tools to help you out along the way. This is the easy way to determine how much your mortgage repayment budget needs to be.

Free Mortgage Calculator

Some of our most popular home mortgage payment calculators include our Mortgage Refinance Calculator which highlights and compares facts about your existing mortgage and recommends whether or not refinancing your mortgage is a good option. Other popular tools include our Mortgage Affordability Calculator where you can preset a monthly loan payment that you feel comfortable with and see how much of a mortgage you may qualify for. This is useful in not only budgeting to pay your mortgage payment but also for when you are looking for properties to calculate what price range to aim for.

Mortgage Payment Calculator

All of these tools are vital in helping you plan your mortgage as the most important thing to do before committing to a mortgage loan is doing thorough research to fully understand them and how they will affect your income levels and spending, and what the repayments will be. By using our free mortgage calculator, you can do that all with the click of a button. Each type of home mortgage payment calculator on this site is targeted to a specific need, so make good use of the free calculators. US visitors can also find the best mortgage rate offers available online.

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Enter the amount of your
new or existing mortgage

Enter the number of years your
mortgage will be amortized
for. It is important to note
that interest costs increase
significantly if the amortization
period is over 25 years!

This is the length of time the mortgage terms and conditions are in effect

A Fixed rate gives you security that your interest rate will be the same over the entire Interest Term. In contrast, a Variable rate changes with your bank's Prime Rate through-out your interest term.

Enter your bank's interest rate here.

Type in the date your mortgage started or is starting

Pick which payment model you are on

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