Math Calculators!

You’ve probably already used a basic calculator in your math class. Did you know that there are also many other kinds of calculators? If you think about it, we can use math to measure and calculate all sorts of things, from climate, to shopping, cooking, saving money, converting measurements, and plenty more! Normally, the long way to do this is by working it out in your mind, or doing the calculations yourself on paper. A slightly quicker way to do this is by using a standard calculator. However, the Internet is so useful that many people have programmed very special types of calculators.

Types Of Online Math Calculators

Some of the calculators out there, especially those made for kids, are a bit silly and are designed to be used just for fun. A few other calculators, like the Recycling, or the Garden Planning ones, come in handy once in a while when you need a small bit of information. These types of calculators are useful because they can help us to figure out certain things about our lives, and then improve in areas that need betterment. If you use a nutrition calculator and realize that most of the food you eat is not very healthy, it can be an indication of something you can change to improve your health. Finally, there are other calculators, like those that measure or convert various units, which are handy to bookmark for regular reference. When you are cooking, you will often find that you’ll need a conversion calculator since recipes always tend to use varying measurements. With your math and science homework, standard unit calculators that work out length, mass, and volume conversions are always useful! Can you think of where else you might use this type of calculator? In real life of course! Imagine that you have to help Dad renovate the deck. He might ask you to measure out pieces of wood, or calculate the volume of the swimming pool to see how much water it would need.

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