Australian Mortgage Calculator

Australian mortgage calculator

We offer some of the most comprehensive Australian Mortgage Calculators online that help you calculate hundreds of variables about your mortgage in AUD. By using our mortgage calculators which have been designed for use in Australia, you can easily compare and research different facts and figures about your existing or potential mortgage to help you make an informed decision on what the best choice may be for you and your family. We know that the mortgage process can be very confusing for Australians, so we have worked hard to bring you some of the simplest yet most informative calculators to assist you in making serious financial decisions in your lives. It is always a good idea to do thorough research before you obtain a mortgage in Australia or for that matter in any country, so having the facts and figures laid out before you go to the bank is a great way to stay informed and be educated on what rates you are entitled too.

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Using Our Free Australian Mortgage Calculator

Calculate mortgages in Australia
  1. Enter your mortgage amount in your correct denomination. This can be a new mortgage or your existing mortgage
  2. Next, enter your amortization period. This is the amount of time your mortgage will be amortized. Keep in mind that mortgages over 25 years can be much more expensive than those with shorter periods.
  3. Enter your interest term. This is the amount of time your mortgage terms and conditions are in effect.
  4. You next need to select your interest type. Mortgages are either variable or fixed rate.
  5. Enter your interest rate that you currently have on your mortgage.
  6. Select the month and year when the mortgage began or when it will begin.
  7. Enter your loan term. This refers to how often you pay on your mortgage.
  8. Finally, hit the "Calculate" button. You will then see your monthly payments, your total payments, and how much you will pay in interest over the course of the loan.

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