Add A Mortgage Calculator To Your Website In Seconds!

If you are looking for an easy and free mortgage calculator script for your website, you have come to the right place. Using the mortgage calculator scripts on this page you will be able to offer your customers/visitors a free tool where they can calculate their mortgage repayments in just the click of a button. It is as simple as copy and pasting the below HTML code into your website!

  1. Pick your color style. You can choose one of our styles or create your own!
  2. Click the 'Copy to Clipboard' button
  3. Open your website's source code and find the location you'd like the mortgage calculator to be
  4. Paste the Mortgage Calculator script by hitting Ctrl+V (CMD on Mac)
  5. Save your page and visit your site to see your new Mortgage Calculator!

Preview Your Mortgage Calculator

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Legacy Calculator

Before we updated, we used to have a slightly different calculator available. If you'd still like to use it on your site, you can find the code you need to add to your website below.

Theme your Calculator

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