Canadian Mortgage Calculator

Canadian mortgage calculator

Our Canadian mortgage calculator section was designed to assist people from Canada with making decisions about new mortgages as well as analyzing and comparing existing Canadian mortgages to help them better understand the process and how to get the best deal. Using our Canadian mortgage calculators, you can gather and collect important figures on different mortgages in Canada with all of your results displayed in CDN dollars. The mortgage market can be especially intimidating for first time home buyers, so we have put together a ton of useful tools to help you along the way with getting a mortgage in Canada as well as informing yourself on the process, payment rates, interest as well as a wealth of other data.

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How To Use This Canadian Mortgage Calculator

Calculate mortgages in Canada
  1. Enter your mortgage amount in the proper denomination. This is the amount of your existing mortgage or a new mortgage you want to open.
  2. Next, enter your amortization period. This is the amount of time in months and years for which you want your mortgage amortized.
  3. You will then enter your interest term in months and years. This is the length of time that your mortgage terms and conditions are in effect.
  4. You will also need to enter the type of loan, either variable rate or fixed rate.
  5. Next, enter your interest rate. This is the rate you will be charged by your bank or financial institution.
  6. Choose your start date, including the month and year.
  7. Finally, enter your loan term. This refers to how often you will be paying your mortgage, whether it is monthly, bi-monthly, and so on.
  8. Press "Calculate Now". You will see a graph showing you your payment amounts, your total payments, and your total interest. You will also see your figures in different scenarios if you decide to change your payment frequency.

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All of the Canadian mortgage calculators we provide for our visitors are completely free as we are trying to build the most visited and well-liked finance website. Each day, thousands of Canadians use our website to access important information on mortgages to help them make decisions with regards to mortgage planning. Our two most popular tools with our Canadian visitors are our Mortgage Affordability Calculator as well as our Advanced Mortgage Calculator, which both offer great insight into payments and planning for an affordable mortgage. In addition to those calculators, we also offer a ton of other useful calculators to keep you informed and ready to get a mortgage in Canada while planning for a successful future for you and your family.